In project finance modelling, our team offers a full range of advisory and assurance services to both private and public sector bodies and covering social and economic infrastructure, urban development and regeneration and renewable energy sectors, to produce and preserve strong financial structures for projects. Whether you are a public sector procurer or a seasoned private sector investor, we aim to complement, not duplicate your strengths. In this, ADIP brings in partners in pre-development feasibility studies as well as in real development phases. In the partnership modelling, ADIP becomes central in making sure all partners equitably benefit from the partnered investments.

Our understanding of our selected sectors is backed up with market- leading expertise in the following areas:

  • ·       We are a champion in financial model audit and apply the same rigorous quality control criteria when working on financial model build assignments.
  • ·       We have considerable experience in advising on projects and PPP, from structuration and development to operational phase. Furthermore we offer a wide range of services to funds and investors- from due diligence and valuation to fund restructuring and portfolio advice.
  • ·       Our specialists are capable of producing excellent project evaluation scenarios.

Experience A1 business intelligence, research and planning services under One African roof.