ADIP aims providing A1 development impact assessment reviews in transport, traffic, environment, fiscal and socio-economic fields’ .Substantial concentration has been given to the possible impacts of growth and development on communities throughout the world in recent years, specifically in urban areas. Generally, development has been viewed as healthyand desirable for communities since it often leads to additional jobs: increased income for residents; a broader tax base; and the improvement of cultural facilities such as libraries and parks. However, communities are increasingly aware that development might also be associated with cost such as increased fiscal expenditures for necessary public services and infrastructure, traffic, congestion, consumption of local natural resources, loss of open space and unique cultural attributes. Additionally, growth decisions are too often made without adequate knowledge of the consequences of those decisions on overall community well-being. Since changes is essential for ensuring that growth is in harmony with the long-range goals of the community and the nation at large.

Development impact evaluation provides a context for addressing this matter. The evaluation procedure is a vital part of the planning process as it provides extensive documentation of the projected economic, fiscal, environment, social and transportation- related impacts of a particular development on a city/town or community. ADIP is a division of A-One, which has taken upon itself to be the continental benchmark for infrastructural development impact evaluation. The division has a strong team for the efficient execution of such evaluation and assessment tasks. The ability to set up task-oriented skills matrix from its rich and relevant‘s reservoir’ makes ADIP one of the best in Africa.

ADIP Management and Technical Team

Eng. P. Mutsinya-Senior Technical Director-ADIP

Peter is a professional, chartered mining engineer, a mining research specialist, a business valuation expert and an entrepreneur in mining. He has over 40 years practical, professional mining experience of which over thirty (30) years have been at senior mining executive and board level. Peter has held posts of board member of the University of Zimbabwe-Faculty of Engineering and the Zimbabwe School of Mines responsible for Academic Affairs from 2003-2014.

In 2000, Peter took majority shareholding in Mineral Resources Engineering Services (Pvt) Limited as the founder of a minerals development, mining consultancy services and base metals mining and exploitation company. In 2007 he became one of the founding shareholders and appointed the Group Director Technical Services, Marketing and Corporate Strategy of Liberation Mining (Pvt) Limited a young coal mining, energy, fuels and coal gasification company in the Lubimbi Coalfield, North West of Zimbabwe.



He has done Business, Economic, Financial and Strategic Models for the mining, agro-based and industrial micro-manufacturing and the minerals sectors of Zimbabwe. Project Director and Competent Person in most of the projects undertaken by all organizations worked for in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Canada, China and India involving detailed geological surveying and exploration, detailed bankable feasibility studies, detailed mine planning and design, bid evaluation, technical, economic and financial due diligence, mine risk audits and risk assessments, mine risk management, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Environmental Management Planning (EMP), mine valuation, business process re-engineering, strategic and financial modelling, strategic marketing, market research, corporate, strategic intelligence, corporate governance, and mining business development.


He is a member and associate of over seven bodies and institutions. He is a Fellow of the ZIE and a corporate member of five other professional bodies and associations in Zimbabwe and the International. He is a competent qualified person in terms of SAMREC, SAMVAL and JORC Standards. Peter is a member of the board of the Engineering Council of Zimbabwe, the Zimbabwe Institution of Engineers (ZIE), National Manpower Advisory Council (NAMACO), and the Standards Association of Zimbabwe technical committee, Board of Trustee Member of the Catholic Lifelines Trust, Makumbi Catholic Mission Advisory Board and the Mutoko All Souls Catholic Children’s Home Board. Peter holds a Master of Science Degree (MSc) in Strategic Management from the University of Derby (UK), a Mine Managers’ Certificate of Competency, Diploma in Mining, and Certificate of Competency in Executive Management & Business Leadership and several Post-Graduate Certificates in managerial leadership, general management, strategic intelligence research and business leadership. Peter is a current Doctorate in Business Administration Programme Student of the University of Liverpool (UK), majoring in Strategic and Financial Modelling.

He likes reading and playing golf.


Mr. G. Masvipe-Technical Director and Investment Modelling:

George has experience in accounting, education, research, consultancy, FMCG and banking-cumulatively adding to over a decade. Until he was appointed Managing Director for A-One, he was a full time self –employed consultant in SME business and research and academic coaching. He was the Finance and Administration Manager of Awatec investment, before then he was in full time business consultancy after separating with the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe in 2011. He holds an MSc degree in Finance and investment, an MSc degree in Strategic Management, member of the Certified institute of Development Finance (CIDEF, RSA). George has a natural passion for finance, economics and research and he is a private executive coach in these areas with postgraduate students from local and international institutions. He has participated in various strategic management and corporate governance seminars. George doubles as the Managing Director and an executive board member for A-One. Over and above the key expects, A-One also boasts of its qualified and experienced surveys, economic surveys, project monitoring and evaluation.

Mr. S. Dumba-Technical Director: Traffic Engineering and Design

Mr Smart Dumba is a Transport Planner and Engineer and holds a Phil in Rural and Urban Planning and a BSc (Hons) Rural and Urban Planning with the University of Zimbabwe and he is PHD finalist in the same field at the University of Zimbabwe. He has been a Lead Consultant for the Traffic impact Assessment (TIA) for Longcheng international at, Longcheng Shopping Mall, Harare, 2014 and Consultant for a Traffic impact Assessment (TIA) for Harare City Council, at Copacabana Bus Terminus, 2015, Smart wrote several Journal Article Publications. He has worked as Town Planning Officer in the Department of Physical Planning and four years of lecturing in Rural and Urban Planning. He also has Contributions to Book Chapter and Contribution to Newspaper and Newsletter Columns. He has made presentations on urban planning both locally and internationally and has co-authored a number of journals on traffic and transport planning and an intermitted columnist with the local press on Transport and traffic related issues.

Dr.N. Nkomazana-Technical Advisor- Financial and Economic Development

Dr.Nkomazana is an experienced academic and business researcher with extensive experience in practical research and teaching of adults. Dr.Nkomazana has spent the past ten (10) years (2004-2014) as an Economist and Banking & Finance lecturer at the Midlands University, on of the leading universities in Zimbabwe. He has lectured at the Midlands State University, on of the leading Universities in Zimbabwe. He has lectured a number of modules offered by the two departments and also supervised over 100 undergraduate and over 30 Masters Dissertations. Dr.Nkomazana also has extensive experience in practical research, with some of his work having been published inrenowned international and local journals. His research interest range from financial economics, environmentaleconomics, through to development economics. In addition, Dr.Nkomazana has immense knowledge in analysing both qualitative and quantitative data using Eviews, STATA, SPSS and EPI INFO. Dr Nkomazana holds a PHD Development Studies from the University of kwa Zulu–Natal (South Africa) , a Master of Science degree in Finance & investment from the National University of Science and Technology (Zimbabwe) , Bachelor of Commerce (Honours ) Degree in Economics from the Midlands State  (Zimbabwe) and a Postgraduate Diploma in Adult Education from the Midlands University (Zimbabwe).


Dr. P. Garufu-Technical Advisor- International Economic and Environmental Law:

Dr Paradzai Garufu is a legal expert. He has worked as a Magistrate in the Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs; Zimbabwe from 2005-2010, where his core duties included; presiding over criminal and civil cases, analysis and legal research on legislation, and jurisprudence in national and foreign jurisdictions, as well as international law and tribunals; carry out in-depth legal research on national human rights laws and monitor relevant developments in the international courts, international law and conflict of law. He has developed and taught courses and providing summative assessments in Criminal law, Law of Contract, business law, Conflict of Law, Investment Law, Constitutional Law and International Treaty Law among others. He has also worked as a legal consultant for Bonongwe and Partners and as a street Law Facilitator – Oliver Tambo Chair of Human Rights, Fort Hare University in corroboration with UNESCO (RSA). He is holder of a PhD (LLD) - International Economic Law, with University of Witwatersrand, South Africa, a Master of Law (LLM) - Environmental Law, a Postgraduate Certificate Course in Mining Law for Industry Practioners and a Bachelor of Law (LLBs). Garufu is a law lecturer at BUSE, Zimbabwe and a visiting Mining and Environmental Law Lecturer at the University of Cape Town, RSA.


Mr A. Chiworeka – Technical Advisor- Environmental and Social Health.

Archiford is a seasoned environmental scientist and a well-known environmental health and safety guru in the mining industry. He has been involved in numerous local and regional environmental reviews and assessments. He is registered with EMA and has carried out a number of EIAs and quality assurance audits and developed ISO certifications for mines. He holds a BSc Honours degree in Environmental science and numerous qualifications in environmental auditing, occupational health and safety management, environment cost accounting, project management environmental law and auditing of business management systems in Zimbabwe and South Africa. Archiford has worked in several capacities related to environmental and safety in many companies. He held the position of SHE manager, group SHE and environmental management systems coordinator, project SHE consultant at Powertech, Hunters road mine, Shangani mine, BNC and Freda Rebecca mine, cumulatively for over a decade. He also holds numerous directorate and membership capacities within the private sector, government ministries and non- governmental organisations related to environmental management.

Dr Lazarus Zanamwe-Technical Advisor- Demography, Geography and Environmental Science.

Dr Lazarus Zanamwe has a PhD in Population Studies, Leeds University, UK; MA in Population Studies, Leeds University, UK Graduate Certificate in Education, University of Zimbabwe and a BA Hons Geography, University of Zimbabwe. Dr Zanamwe worked as a lead national trainer and team leader for Harare province in the 1992, 2002 and 2012. National Population Censuses. He also supervised the writing of the national census reports as well as the dissemination processes. He was team leader for the second national communication for the chapter on Education, Training and public awareness. He is senior Lecturer at the University of Zimbabwe for the Centre for Population Studies, Faculty of Social Studies. Under A- One, some of his duties include; Heading and directing the demographic and geographic section, monitoring demographic and geographic data engineering training and demographic and EIA  data numerators and capturers as a key reference person for demographic and environmental science.

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