ARTS aims at providing A1 delivery and integration of relevant and useful business informal in an organization using , research, monitoring and evaluation , organizational development , investment and project planning and training. This allows organizations to identify opportunities for improving profitability, risk mitigation client interactions and strategic planning. Getting ahead in business and dealing with already established big names is a challenge. Beyond having to deal with the constant struggles of existing and potential co petition, there is the more underestimated struggle of understanding one’s business. Business intelligence provides tools and systems that play a key role in addressing this matter. It allows organizations to gather, store, access and analyse data to aid in decision making identify, monitor trends in order to adopt to changing environment scenario.


The goal of business intelligence is to arm decisions makers with accurate, timely and comprehensive data. It provides necessary tools and systems which offer insight and training to drive business improvement and helps organizations to stay ahead of competition and achieve long-term stability goals. ARTS is a division of  A-1, which has taken upon itself to be the continental benchmark for business intelligence by providing necessary tools and strategies to enhance business and in decision making. The division has a strong team for the effective and efficient execution for business intelligence tasks. The ability to set up task-orientated skills matrix from its rich and relevant‘s skills reservoir makes ARTS one of the best in Africa.



  The division has a strong team for the effective and efficient execution of such evaluation and assessment tasks. The ability to set up task orientated skills matrix from its rich and relevant skills reservoir makes ARTS one of the best in Africa.


Mr. J. Chireshe Senior Technical Advisor-ARTS

Jaison Chireshe holds a Master of Arts Degree in Economics and Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Economics. He possesses seven years’ experience in the development sector of Zimbabwe with six years’ experience in research monitoring and evaluation. He has worked for a number of local and international non-government organisations as a monitoring and evaluation specialist responsible for the development of results based monitoring and evaluation systems for relief and development projects. Jaison is experienced in conducting baseline and evaluation studies for projects funded by USAID, UN Agencies (FAO, WFP & UNICEF), EC, ECHO and Irish Aid. Jaison was instrumental in the formulation and implementation of the M&E function of the Government of Ghana’ Health Ministry and related NGOs in 2015 to 2016. He also skilled in knowledge management and is literate in a number of statistical package that includes SPSS, EPFI Info, CSPro and E-Views.

Ms. M. Chitando Technical Advisor-Research and Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation

Mary Chitando is an administration and research expert with over 10 years hands on experience and has extensive experience in project management, research and event planning. Mary worked with Donor Institutions and other organisations such as NGOs, Regional and International Organisations in Environment, gender, health and development fields such as UNICEF, UNFPA, UNDP, Plan Zimbabwe, International Organisation for Migration (IOM), USAID, SAFAIDS, Chiedza, Depart for International development (DFID), Ministry of Labour and Social Services, World Education Inc. (WEI), Government Departments amongst other entities. She is skilled in data gathering, data processing and report writing. Mary holds an MBA degree from African University, a  BCom (Hons) from Great Zimbabwe University, Diploma in Marketing (HEXICO) and a Certificate in Computer Studies. She is an expert in qualitative and quantitative data analysis software including: SPSS and NVIVO

Dr. N. Nkomazana Technical Advisor-Financial, Economic & Development Research & Modelling

Dr. Nkomazana is an experienced academic and business researcher with extensive experience in practical research and teaching of adults. Dr. Nkomazana has spent the past ten (10) years (2004-2014) as an Economics and Banking & Finance lecturer at the Midlands State University, one of the leading universities in Zimbabwe. He has lectured a number of modules offered by the two departments and also supervised over 100 undergraduate dissertations and over 30 Masters Dissertations. Dr. Nkomazana also has extensive experience in practical research, with some of his work having been published in renowned international and local journals. His research interest range from financial economics, environmental economics, through to development economics. In addition, Dr. Nkomazana has immense knowledge in analyzing both qualitative and quantitative data using Eviews, STATA, SPSS and EPi INFO. Dr Nkomazana holds a PhD in Development Studies from the University of KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa), a Master of Science degree in Finance & Investment from the National University of Science and Technology (Zim), Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) Degree in Economics from the Midlands State University (Zim) and a Postgraduate Diploma in Adult Education from the Midlands State University (Zim). He is also the A-One’s Southern Region Co-ordinator.

Dr. P. Garufu-Senior Technical Advisor Legal and Constitutional Research and Policy

Dr. Paradzai Garufu is a legal expert. He has worked as a Magistrate in the Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs; Zimbabwe from 2005-2010, where his core duties included; presiding over criminal and civil cases, analysis and legal research on legislation, and jurisprudence in national and foreign jurisdictions, as well as international law and tribunals; Carry out in-depth legal research on national human rights laws and monitor relevant developments in the international courts, international law and conflict of laws. He has developed and taught courses and providing summative assessments in Criminal Law, Law of Contract, Business Law, Conflict of Laws, Investment law, Constitutional Law, and International Treaty law among others. He has also worked as a legal consultant for Bonongwe and Partners and as a Street Law Facilitator - Oliver Tambo Chair of Human Rights, Fort Hare University in corraboration with UNESCO (RSA). He is a holder of a PhD (LLD) - International Economic Law, with University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa, a Master of Law (LLM)-Environmental Law, a Postgraduate Certificate Course in Mining Law for Industry Practitioners and a Bachelor of Law (LLBs). He is a Harvard Law School Research Fellow and a member of the Institute of Global Law and Policy. Dr. Garufu also sits on the interim Board of A-One. Mr.T. Mutema (LLM, LLB) is his deputy.

Mr. G. Masvipe Technical Advisor-Research, Finance and Business Modelling

George has experience in accounting, education, research, consultancy, FMCG and banking-cummulatively adding to over a decade. Until he was appointed Principal Director for A-One, he was a full time self-employed consultant in SME business and research and academic coaching. He was the Finance and Administration Manager of Awatec Investments, before then he was in full time business consultancy after separating with the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe in 2011. He holds an MSc degree in Finance and Investment, an MSc degree in Strategic Management, a BCom (Hons) degree in Economics and a Diploma in Business Economics and Commerce and a member of CIDEF. George has a natural passion for finance, economics, research and lecturing and he a private executive coach for Economics, Accounting, Financial Management, Statistics, Investment Analysis and Business Research with high profile postgraduate students from local and international institutions. He has participated in various strategic management and corporate governance seminars. George doubles as the Principal Director and an executive board member for A-One.

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