ARTS primarily Strategy and Modelling unit provides detailed research and business advisory services as well as modelling in marketing, finance, legal and Governance

1. Business Strategy and Modelling

Our business Strategy and Modelling unit provides detailed research and business advisory services as well as modelling, finance, economic planning and operations. Its significance is informed by evidence by evidence and continuous learning generated through research and documentation of good practices. It focuses on business, social and scholarly researches as well as providing business and financial modelling and advice to the corporate world and government entitles.

2, Research, Monitoring and evaluation (M and E)

Our monitoring and evaluation service is a critical pillar in the work we do since it is both stand alone and also cross-cutting. As a separate arm , our monitoring and evaluation services , which work hand in hand with our research arm, entail designing and implementing researches or studies in areas of ;Public Health and HIV , Gender and development , Sexual reproductive health rights , Child health and protection , Market surveys ,Food security  and livelihoods , Community and Development projects and initiatives , Poverty Alleviation  Programmes and institutional systems strengthening our monitoring and evaluation services and geared towards supporting development initiatives and activities undertaken by Government departments , Non –Governmental and United Nations Organizations and its sister units.

3. Organizational Development and Training

The thrust in this area is building and strengthening institutional capacity of government department, NGOs and private sector companies. Key components of organizational development that we support include

·       Leadership and governance                                   structures and systems

·       Financial management                                           human resources management

·       Project management and planning                        capacity building

·       Strategic planning                                                 marketing and Market research

4. Market research and Business Development

Under this function. ARTS offers market research, market planning, market and product development and product launching. lt also provides special marketing and advertising services

5. Legal and Constitutional Research, Training and Advice

ARTS provides training, advice and research services in the legal and constitutional areas for include environmental , mining , international , investment and contract laws as well as human being government departments , corporates , NGO and individuals . Special areas include environmental mining, international, investment and contract laws as well as human rights.


6. Projects Financial Modelling and Investment Appraisals

Our understanding of our selected sectors is backed up with market- leading expertise in the following areas

·       We are market leader in financial model audit and apply the same rigorous quality control criteria when working on financial model build assignments

·       We have considerable experience in advising on projects and PPP, from structuration and development to operational phase

·       Our specialist are capable of producing 90-95% accurate project evaluation and valuation scenarios.


·       Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZINCC)


·       Institute for Capacity Development (ICD) –A training and development consultancy in Namibia , RSA, Botswana and Zimbabwe

·       Keeptrack Consultancy A research firm in Mutare

Experience A1 business intelligence, research and planning services under One African roof.